Raw Vegan Sushi

This is one of my new favorite recipes!  It’s so easy to make and customizable to whatever sushi is your fav.


2-3 parsnips

2 TBSP raw almond butter

2 tsp sesame oil

2 tsp red or white miso paste

add all ingredients to a food processor and process until you have a course crumble resembling the consistency of rice.

Grab 3-4 sheets of nori, spread the “rice” onto the leaving about 1/2 inch space along the top and bottom edges.  Don’t use too much of the rice mixture, you don’t want a super thick layer of it that will over-power the flavor of the rest, just enough to cover the nori.

Add thin strips of whatever veggies (or fruit) you like in your sushi.  Pictured above I used avocado, mango, sprouts, and cilantro.  Some other great ones are cucumber, asparagus, avocado.  Get creative on this one!

Roll the nori sheets and seal the edges with a little water, using a very sharp knife cut in half and then cut each half in thirds.  I served mine with the plum sauce below, but I also love it with just wasabi and some nama shoyu.

Plum Sauce:

5 TBSP nama shoyu

3 TBSP umeboshi plum vinegar

3 TBSP umeboshi plum paste

2 tsp sesame oil

blend all ingredients and serve as dipping sauce